Bill & Ted Face the Music 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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The hammer whose tragic backstory is that he used to be a spanner gets me every. Single. Time
The bit that gets me every time in Freaked is: the panning shot of the plane coming into land that crashes and explodes, “glad that wasn’t our plane”
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@laruso I hope that ^ was a made up joke and not a spoiler which should have been hidden if you wanted to share it.


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I couldn't resist - it was the free keyring from Warner Bros that swayed it! lol


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I loved the original Bill And Ted film as a kid, even thought the sequel was decent. Pity Bill & Ted Face The Music isn't as good as the first two. Really hoping Keanu's upcoming Matrix 4 will be better than the 2nd and 3rd films though doubt it will top the first one.


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Wouldn't worry, that was my state of being until the 4K was released last year.

Personally, I hadn't missed that much BUT, it did make me watch the sequel which was infinitely better and worth watching. So if you get the chance, catch up on them.
It's seems like people who grew up with the original prefer it. Those who saw the 2nd one first and maybe even those like yourself who saw both late prefer the later. I've seen the original but I doubt I've seen the second one. In this one, I thought Bill and Ted captured what I remember from the original but grown up. I thought the daughters were good while not stealing the spotlight from Bill and Ted. Death was good and Dennis was hilarious. Overall there was just about enough for me to ignore the 21st century politics.
... Really hoping Keanu's upcoming Matrix 4 will be better than the 2nd and 3rd films though doubt it will top the first one.
Unlike a lot of people I really liked Matrix Reloaded. The first is the "better film" but to me Reloaded was more entertaining. I don't have very high hopes for Matrix 4 and this film has done nothing to change my mind.


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Why in the world would Keanu Reeves come off the phenomenal success of the Matrix and John Wick franchises to make this garbage? It truly boggles the mind. He can’t possibly need the money!

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