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Hi all

Newbie here and after some thoughts/opinions regarding the Bild7.

Had the Mimo tv back in 2006, great build, quality and picture (tv still going strong for next door neighbour) so having had a good experience with the brand I'm looking at Loewe again and getting an OLED.

I see the Bild 7 comes with a free motorised stand at the moment so with this factored in and the Bild 5 being £3490 (with sound bar and table stand) does it warrant the £1000 difference i.e. is the Bild 7 a better screen/picture/internals etc.

Just an added note, I do have a hifi separate system but has never been added as tv combination before, is this something that would be worth considering if re entering the world of Loewe.

As this will be a major purchase for me want to try and get it a right as possible.

Thanks in advance


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Welcome to the forums. The Bild7 was Loewe's first OLED TV and launched with 2016 panels capable of 3D. This alone might swing your decision. Now, however, the Bild7 is a mid range product between the Bild4/5 (respectively with bundled speakers or PVR) and the Bild9 (for fans of scaffolding). The Bild4 is the cheapest solution to include speakers & stand and there's no suggestion that this TV isn't as good as any other in the range.


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Toodeep, thanks for coming back and the explanation.

Couple of further questions: So with the Bild7 being their first OLED attempt has the Bild4/5 now superseded the 7 in terms of technology and picture quality? 3D doesn't interest me so wouldn't be missing anything there.

My thought was that the 7 was offered with free stand and back cover (£900 I think for stand alone) so by the time I'd paid for a stand on the 5 model we weren't too far away from the Bild7 pricing. Just want to end up with the best purchase and package that will happily suffice me for the foreseeable future.

See what you mean about being a fan of scaffolding :)



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Sorry toodeep, maybe didn't explain myself clear, I will be needing the floor stand to go with the tv, think the Bild4 only comes with a table stand, hence total price takes it up to Bild7 realms.

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