Biggest possible...for cheapest possible...impossible?


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Looking at getting a newer TV.
Hopefully you guys can advise why i should buy one of these listed, or not buy them and go for something else.

Sky HD and SD.
PS3 Games.
Big as possible.

Do I need 3D? WHo knows but might bee good for a toy.

Definately do not want disney/sky logo burnt in but dont know if plasma still do this.
Definately need no lag/tracing when watching sports.

Open to offer/suggestions.
Would like USB or SD if possible just for ease of use. Prefer if they did have one of those slots then it play DivX.
Internet - not unless someone convinces me, as can already see iPlayer etc on PS3 and havent used much.
Will not be used as Monitor

SO here they can see my rough price.
Want to stay about £500 but can stretch up a bit. Quickly looked at these and have rough prices.

Price Make Model
449 Samsung LE46C530
450 LG 47LD450
700 Samsung LE46C650
600 Philips 46PFL5605H
800 Panasonic TX-P46G20B
470 LG 50PK350
669 Samsung LE46C750


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Panasonic TX-P50C3B 50 inch Widescreen HD Ready Plasma TV with Freeview HD - Tesco.Direct a panny for £550 with freeview HD..........

it's £480 here free del but never used them

Panasonic TXP50C3B 50 inch Plasma TV 600hz tx-p50c3b

and £470 free del from amazon......bargain, might get one myself :thumbsup:

Panasonic TX-P50C3B 50-inch Freeview HD Plasma TV Viera: Electronics

Only thing I can't find stuff about it is 1080p Full HD / 720 moving images??? ie Amazon display quote:
FULL-HD: 1080p (HDMI only), 1080i

quote from 1 review:

The Panasonic TXP50C3 also has 600hz Sub-field Drive, this means this television is great for watching sports and any other fast moving action. The 600Hz technology reduces blur and ghosting so you can watch football in high definition on a crystal clear screen.
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This is not a full HD panel. It is 720P (1024 x 768).

It will display full HD from an HDMI source, but at a reduced resolution.

This is a plasma, so screen burn is possible.

Plasmas do have inherently low lag and ghosting, so will look good for sports and gaming.

I guess the question is do you need full HD ? I doubt you would see much real world difference on Sky TV & gaming and it would only really be a issue if you got into serious movie watching on BluRay.


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Firstly thanks for the replies.

I prefer the full HD due to Blu ray, yes.
I do like my movies and PS3 does display them well.

I am concerned with the plasma burn but really tempted by the you seem to get more bang for buck so they say

Anyone else have any thoughts?



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From your list, Id say G20 all the way mate, I game on a V20 with no problems.
IR can pop up with plasma still, Pamasonic has the least and lag is very low.
Burn is rare, you're more likely to have another issue than get burn, had two plasmas now and happy to game on both, even though my PX80 had bad IR for a few months. My V20 has little to no IR that I notice from gaming, any IR I've had has gone without issue.

Richer Sounds have the 46"G20 for 600:) if you want 50" the LGs are good, PK350 and PK590.
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guys thats for advice ...but I have just purchased the Samsung 46inch C750.

Initially looks just ok. Need to setup the ps3 and sky hd but the freeview pic is good, but my sky sd isn't great.

Bought at costco, same price as richer and currys etc when you add the 5 yr guarantee and i know the costco guarantee is great with easy customer service. I also 2% back from costco.

Looked great instore, so went for it.

Also the connection to internet looks interesting now, although wasnt worried by it initially. Seen someone say it has played everything that threw at it via usb too (big bonus for me that one)
Now just need to find more specs for the 3D...little gimmicky the 3d thing but good for a laugh i think. Will see.

I will let you know after it gets warmed up a bit how it fully works once i settle for colour and contrast etc.

again thanks for taking time to reply guys even if i went for something else.


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