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Having had my plasma now for around 6 months I've become a bit blasé about it. BUT recently I visted a friends house who has just bought a brand new Toshiba 36" CRT. He has this in his living room which is about 12ft x 13ft and the thing just dominates the room and takes up so much space, it must sit out from the rear wall almost 3 feet. The other thing I noticed is that the Sky picture quality, which I've long moaned about on my plasma, especally football, is very average. In fact I would go to say that if you scaled his screen up to 42" or 50" there would be no difference (IMHO).

This got me thinking about what I had gained most form owning a plasma. In order they are for me

1) Size of image
2) Room space saved
3) Wow factor
4) WAF
5) Connectiveity
6) Versatility

What have you gained most?



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for me it was the space that was re-gained & the screen size.

came from 32 inch WS


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Well I came from my old Sony 25" to my 50" Pioneer 504, so you can imagine my WOW factor!!

Not going back to CRT ever


I've found the plasma route to be a more than acceptable compromise.

The real deal maker for us though was the fact that we have just moved into an very modern contempory house and there is no way you could have put a CRT into any room and not ruin the overall aesthetics.


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Would very much agree with points 1-6 above...I could never go back to CRT and I had a pretty good 32" Panny CRT...

The main things for me are:

1) Picture size and quality, especially with DVD...picture now looks much more "real"
2) I now feel totally immersed when watching films
3) Wanted more than CRT to go with my sound system, but couldn't do PJ - very pleased with the plasma route
4) Wanted the contemporary look and also to free up some space!

I um'd and ah'd for ages, great decision once I made the jump!!! :)



using a projector but only really starting to think about plasma, i would say plasma has the wonderful advantage of being a true cinema display yet can be used for standard viewing, something of course that a projector cannot



Wellllllllll, having had a projector for many years now and finally taking the plunge and getting a Plasma in January I must say that it will never take the place of the WOW factor and real cinema feel of the projector, but its one hell of a great replacement for any CRT, and without any significant compromises as far as I am concerned.

And I must add that occassionally when I cant be a***d to fire up the HTPC we watch films through the DVI input on the Plasma and I dont get moaned at too much becuase its so small! LOL

Final line..........a bit more space, a little bit bigger (37" CRT previously) and now at least I am "widescreen" for normal viewing. I guess thats the single most compelling reason we bought the Plasma, we needed to upgrade from a 37" 4:3 CRT and the only place to go was 42" Plasma..........there you go, I wish I had thought of that reason when trying to talk the "wing commander" into it in the first place! LOL

Best regards David

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