Bigger screen?


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I know it's hard to tell from this pic, but it was taken where I view the TV from. About 9ft distance, 37 inch screen.

Who would be tempted go slightly bigger, say 40 inch?

Even though I have a plasma, I am posting on this forum as my next tellybox will be an LCD, so I can play medieval 2: total war without any worries of screenburn.

I know it's a bit of a mess. I'll tidy up later.



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Don't think it is worth you going to 40in! If you are going to spend all that money a 42in is what you should get. 42in would give you 25% more screen area. Where as 40in would only be 15%.


Personally I suggest the 40"-42".Simply at 42" sony and samsung doesnt make lcd's.Only philips.About the size you wont have any problem


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No but does depend on your source!
As you have HD no probs!
Tosh 42X3030 would be my choice. There is a great cal thread on here!


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Source is SKY HD and PS3.

HD is top of my list. Lately, I have barely watched any SD telly, so am wondering of the new 40V3000 will make my hi-def viewing more enjoyable. Panny PX60 is a great telly, but pic wise, it seems like it's aging already compared to the newer sets coming out.

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