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have found recently that I need to sit closer to the TV when gaming to see properly in games where you have to aim at small targets (RDR2 etc) or with Fifa when there's lots of players on the screen but each are quite small

my couch is about 9 ft away from the TV, it's fine for driving games but for the ones mentioned above I need to pull up a chair in front of the couch and sit about 6ft away to see the details properly

it's a 42" 1080p Panasonic plasma screen - any idea on what size I'd have to go up to so that I could see the smaller details on the screen whilst sitting on the couch (9ft away) like I can now sitting 6ft away?


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I watch TV and game on a 55" OLED at around 9ft away and don't have many issues with text, although some games are worse than others in that respect. Occasionally I do find myself leaning towards to read small text, but failing eyesight can play a part too ! Make sure you check your game settings for options to increase target/reticule size. GTA certainly has this option, for example.

Many would go for 65" at that distance which will be great for HD gaming but just be aware that the larger you go, the worse poor quality sources will look when you're not gaming. It'll pay to think about what you watch now and what you may watch in the future. I watch very little SD these days - mostly HD and 4K content.


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You'll note 9ft is not even on the 720/1080 borderline and 6ft about the same away from the 1080/UHD line.

Run up that imaginary line to 9ft distant and you'd need to be somewhere between 60 and 65 inches.

But that may give other issues with more normal viewing, although it will mean full benefit from 1080 HD pictures at last. ;)

A seat on wheels is the cheapest option.


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Apparent size has a linear relationship between distance and diagonal.

i.e. if you're sitting 50% further away then a screen with a 50% larger diagonal will look the same size.

So the equivalent would be 63", the closest common size to that being 65".

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