BIG PROBLEMS--you gotta help me out

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part 1-hi guys seem to have a problem with my amp at the mo,for some reason my panny ax100 can't seem to pick up the video feed from my hd-dvd and ps3 player-sound is
working ok from both sources but no picture,i tried it with hdmi cable going direct to my ps3 and it works so can't be the cable, any ideas anyone --

i have had this working before but for some unknown reason its not now,i can't see any option for hdmi picture mode in the manual only to be able to turn audio on/off from hdmi source

part 2 ok tried again tonight-reset the amp and set pj to all defaults,still nothing--i tried straight to ps3 again from pj works ok but then tried hd e1 player straight to pj nothing----the pj keeps flashing on the input select screen
as thou its not getting a signal---
could it be the amp--pj ---or cable------gotta help me please its racking my head in:(

ok forgot to mention my amp is the onkyo 674e

av addict

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yes that is set up ok---tried it from my e1 to amp then hdmi out on amp to plasma and it worked fine--so must be amp or pj not handshaking with each other--will try again tonight hopefully fingers crossed its was just one off so to speak:)

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