Big Problems: Le26r73bd


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Ok just purchased this TV in a "refurbished" condition through an ebay seller.


I have a Helios H4000 upscaling hdmi dvd player and i connected this to my TV through the hdmi to hdmi cable. The tv regonisises the cable is their but says their is "no signal". I have already tested all connections and made sure the dvd is outputing through the hdmi but no luck. I tested the dvd to tv connection through s-video which works fine.


I connected my Nintendo wii using a hd componenet cable and i get a really broekn purple picture which vaugely resembles the nintendo's main menu, then it just looses signal all togeather and i get a familiar "no signal" message.
Again when i test through s-video i get the picture and sound fine.

Has any1 got any solutions or any1 encountered a simular problem?

I would appreciate any support


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