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Big problem with my HDMI quality (more detail inside)


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I have a Sony Vaio Laptop with windows 7, and a Polaroid 26inch HD Ready TV.

When I connect my HDMI cable from my Laptop to my TV, then I change the source on my TV to HDMI1, it comes up fine.

Here's the problem

The quality of picture is quite poor. I don't know how to describe it but it's all 'scratchy' and the colours are way off. Like on my laptop it may be orange, on the tv it'll be dark red. I tried changing the resolution, I tried everything, nothing fixes this problem. Also, when I'm playing a movie there's lines (like those on old vhs tapes) (not as severe though). Any help guys? Would be GREATLY appreciated.

Joe Fernand

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Wow - what a minefield so early in the morning :)

HDMI is a pipeline - send the wrong signal over the pipeline and you will get no picture and sound or poor picture and sound.

What signal are you outputting from the Laptop?

What signal does the TV manual recommend you send from a PC to the TV?

If the TV has multiple HDMI Inputs is one of them labelled for PC use?

If the TV has a dedicated VGA 'PC' Input and you have a VGA Output on the Laptop that may be a better option for you as not all HDMI Inputs are a good match with PC signals.

The 'Video' world uses a slightly different range of electrical values (16-235) to 'describe' the range from Black to White within an image compared to the values used in the PC world (0-255) - you need to ensure the PC and TV are using the same range of values or things can look wrong.

Once you get a stable image on the external display (the TV) if you want to ensure you have a similar 'look' between the Laptop and the TV screen you will require some form of calibration hardware/software and some time to undertake a calibration.


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