Big plasma's - what would you choose ?


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I'll be buying a plasma screen in the New Year, and want to go BIG !

The price difference on the 60" screens is pretty vast. I can pick up an LG 60" for around £7k, or an NEC or Fujitsu 61" for £11-ish. Alternatively, a 50" Pioneer for £6k...

Its next to impossible to get a side-by-side comparison of these screens (or is it ? anyone know where I might do this in London area ?), and the magazines haven't reviewed the 60 inchers yet, so what is a man to do ?

Anyone have any idea as to the quality difference between the LG and the NEC and Fujitsu screens ? An extra £4k is alotta dough... !


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Not seen the large Fuji's, NEC's etc, but the Pionner and Panny50 inch screens look pretty impressive


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The big Fujitsu is the best of the bunch - on the short viewings I've had with the three displays you mention; the LG is very good for the money but ultimately the Fujitsu can outperform it with video sources.

If you really need the 61" display then you have to pay the big money or another alternative may be to look at a Pioneer PDP-503MXE (£6K) and also have a projector and screen (6'+) for a really big image (not any less expensive than the 61" Plasma display but maybe a more flexible set up).

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Try looking at Harrods. I was in there last year when I was in doing an installation across the road. They had all manner of plasma's in there. Of course non are set properly but you'll still get some ideas.

I saw the original LG 60" in there and marvelled at how it managed to make even animation look dire. Joe's idea of a 42/50 and a projecotr is great


The Huss


If you want BIG, for relative value for money, then it has to be 50".

I've got the pioneer 50" - the HDE rather than the MXE Joe mentions and haven't regretted it one bit (apart from some software glitch):confused:

A friend recently purchased the 42" and after the initial enthusiasm is now wishing he'd saved for a while longer in order to get a 50".

I think the current price differential between the 50s and 60s will ensure that I don't end up with similar regrets...coupled to the fact that I haven't actually seen a 60" in the flesh.

Have read here before about Harrods' AV section so might be worth a look if in the area?


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