"Big" movies awaiting release


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We know Mssrs Lucas and Spielberg for whatever reason delay the DVD release of productions they have ben involved in but what other biggies can't get past the post ?


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The last big releases I want are out this year Star Wars and Aladdin. After that I have nothing else to dream for, until the day Disney see fit to release a special edition of Captain Ron.


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Two words: WARNER BROS!!

Blade Runner is suspended indefinitely! :mad:

No sign of proper releases for the Batman movies...

Apparently Heat & Goodfellas are getting the spec ed treatment later this year, so maybe WB are starting to warm up to the fact that people actually like their movies and want proper releases!! :rolleyes:


Two words: WARNER BROS!!

Hear, hear!

And while they're at it could they please ditch the flipper of "The Wild Bunch" and give us a decent copy?


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It would be great if in this day and age every new release had a minimum spec' that way we would'nt be conned into buying directors cuts with special edition extras and added audio options etc etc.


Blade Runner is suspended indefinitely!

No No Please tell me this isnt true :(

Also agree that the Wild Bunch needs a proper release so i can also replace my flipper


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Originally posted by inzaman
No No Please tell me this isnt true :(

Its true - due to legal issues:

The NY Times (13 DEC 2003) has named names on why the Blade Runner Special Edition 3-DVD set is on hold.

They say, "The avidly awaited, definitive version of Ridley Scott's science-fiction classic, "Blade Runner," won't be out on DVD for strange reasons.
When "Blade Runner" was being shot in the early 1980's, Bud Yorkin, a veteran television comedy producer, and Jerry Perenchio, now the C.E.O. of Univision, were the film's bond-completion guarantors. When the film went over budget, by contract they assumed ownership of the film. Paul Sammon wrote in his book "Future Noir: The Making of `Blade Runner' " that they hated the film, had bitter disputes with Mr. Scott and tried to take it away from him altogether.
The studio release, in 1982, contained superfluous narration and a tacked-on rosy ending. Mr. Scott removed both when he was allowed to make a "director's cut" in 1992, but it was, by his own account, a rush job.
Three years ago, Mr. Scott announced that he was working on a three-disc box set, which would offer all the versions of the film, including a new and polished director's cut with previously unseen footage and scads of bonus features. Then, at the end of 2001, Warner Brothers, which was planning to distribute the discs, pulled the plug. It did so, according to a producer who worked on the project, because Mr. Perenchio gave no sign that he would let them be released.
Mr. Perenchio, speaking through an assistant, had no comment on the situation. "


There is a thread about it if you do a search...


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what ever happened to the "special edition" of Titanic

i mean for a film that took over $1 billion at the b.o you'd think that they wouldn't be satisfied with the pathetic effort produced on dvd a while ago.

all other jim cameron projects produce good dvd's :confused:


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Lucas is still holding out for the big one. Howard the Duck.


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Batman needs a release it almost looks like VHS and I guess I'll just have to dream about Bladerunner.

Iain Shields

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The Gumball Rally :D

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