big lebowski?


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is this thread just going to be filled with posts from people with dude in their names?:thumbsup:


Yeah, Lebowski in HD would be amazing. In fact, let's have all the Coen brothers stuff. Hudsucker would be nice too.


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I nearly bought the special edition DVD the other day with remastered picture, but then realised they've probably only remastered the picture for HD anyway so I'll end up buying it twice in a few months :( So I was tough with myself and I'm holding it.

The dude abides


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Would definitely be an advance order from me on this! Just one of those films I can watch time and time again and never get tired of. Good soundtrack too, which would be even better on DD+:thumbsup:

"Or call me El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing":D


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Now if this a good transfer, it might just be the thing to make me 'push the button' on HD-DVD
(to use the parlance of our times :D )

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