Big jump - HD65 to JVC HD350......


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Greetings all,

Now, please bear with me if the below sounds a bit after a bit of advice, or at least re-assurance of my own thoughts:-

Im currently using an Optoma HD65. The room is light controlled, with matt medium coffee colour walls (it was the best trade off with the missus, as orginally was antique white!!) dark rug (im thinking of painting the ceiling as well, as at the moment it is matt antique white, subject to getting her approval, of course). Im projecting onto a fixed frame 106" matt white screen with a gain of 1.0 from a distance of 3.8m. My sources are Sky HD, Blu-Ray, PS3 via an Onkyo amp.

Now, i've been thinking about upgrading the projector for some time, and now the 350 seems to be knocking around for a bargain price (not for much longer I suspect), I feel now is the time to go for it. My question being, comming from DLP, is simply, am I going to be dissapointed with the "vibrance" of the picture. I've read the merits of the various technologies, DLP/3LCD/SXRD/DiLA, and I know there is a lot of talk about the loss of "Image pop" when moving away from DLP.

I enjoy the picture the the HD65 throws, but there are a few things that I am not happy with, in the following order:-

Black performance:-
Im never happy with the milky greys. I know this is partly down to the fact the HD65 is a bit of a light cannon at 1600lumens, and no manual iris to tame it, but even in a completely black scene, there is a muddy grey colour to all projected parts of the screen.

Uniform Focus:-
this one seems a bit bizarre, but I cannot get 100% focus. Its small differences, but for example, when the top is focused, the bottom part of the image is fractionally out. Not a lot, but enough to bother me!

Motion handling:-
sometimes the HD65 struggles in this respect, especially sports scenes.

not 1080p:-
I know this one is not a biggie, as resolution is way down the pecking order in terms of image quality, but as some of my sources are true 1080p, it seems rude not to display them in the manor they were intended!

Its like a 747 on take off when it gets a bit toastie!!

Simple one this, the HD65 is a bitch to place.....

Really, my biggest gripe is the blacks. I know my room is not a perfect batcave, but its not too bad, and most reflections can be tammed. So my real question, is weather im going to see a "better, blacker, more contrasty picture with the HD350 over the HD65.

I know its not the easiest question to answer, but me and my wallet would really appreciate some advise before we are parted with many pictures of the queen!



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The blacks will indeed be better,much better.You could improve the blacks somewhat on the HD65 by using a £20 ND2 filter.You will loose some light but as you say the HD65 is a light cannon.:D

The 350's are going fast so if you want one be quick.Or save yourself £1500 and get an Optoma HD200x and an ND2 Filter.

The blacks will be nearly as good,the 200 is a little quieter than the 65 and is much much sharper.


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Uniform Focus:-
this one seems a bit bizarre, but I cannot get 100% focus. Its small differences, but for example, when the top is focused, the bottom part of the image is fractionally out. Not a lot, but enough to bother me!

How much keystone adjustment do you have? Is your PJ tilted too much? This sounds unusual to me not that I am an expert!


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Hi Steve,

No Keystone applied at all. Its one of 2 things.....poor optics, or an overly critical eye. in truth, I think its a bit of both!!


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OK mate it is a strange one. Have you checked the HD65 thread to see if this is a common fault or if it is just your eyes:eek:.


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Go for it. I got a 350 a couple of weeks back. I had similar concerns of my room not being a batcave but I'm happy to say I was worrying about nothing. Sure I could eek more black if I treated the room but I'm happy enough with what I've achieved.

I have some pics in the gallery:)


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Got my 350 on friday and so far been highly impressed with it. The blacks are certainly a lot darker than my old infocus 7205 and its shed loads quieter.

I would say its marginally sharper on HD content, but not quiet what i was expecting moving upto 1080p but then my screen isn't huge.


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I'd say to go and demo one, it's the only way to be sure that you'll like the image.

I myself upgraded from a PT-AX100 recently and the image is superior in every way, particularly blacks, it's all motorised which is convenient, focus doesn't drift during playback, it's quieter, runs cooler...........I basically just watch films now and don't spend all my time being annoyed by the limitations.

TBH a 'good' 1080p DLP like an IN83 will certainly have a little bit more 'pop' in bright and mixed scenes, whilst the HD350 will comfortably win in dark scenes. In all honesty though I'd would expect the HD350 to outperform a HD65 with all material.

All the best.


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Regarding the uniform focus, I have noticed this also, but I assume it is to do with the screen not being perfectly flat and/or the PJ not being perfectly parallel to the screen.

But yes, it is slightly annoying (although your Queens are happier), and the best thing to do is simply focus the middle of the scren perfectly. This is where most action happens.

Good luck,



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Thanks All for the info. one mint condition low hours HD65 going up for sale today!! HD350 arrives monday.....I'll post innitial thoughts when all set up.


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