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I currently have a Samsung HD850 DVD player and had it connected up to my old CRT TV via Scart and it worked great.

Today i took delivery of my new TV, a Sony KDLS23A12U LCD TV. I also ordered a Ixos Component cable for £25.

I set my TV up for Sky and it worked fine, I then connected my DVD player to my TV using the Component Cable but for some reason then screen was all black with no picture on it. Occasionally the picture would flick on for 1 second then disappear again.

I decided to check it wasn't my DVD players fault so connected my DVD player to TV via Scart and it worked. I went to DVD player Menu and on Display settings i changed the Video Output to HDMI/COMPONENT (P-SCAN).

Now the picture won't show up using Scart nor the Component Cable.

Can anyone help?


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you need to perform a system reset try holding down the forward button (on your remote) for about 5 seconds, whilst the dvd display reads "no disc" then change your settings accordingly not sure about your other problem! was a bit dissapointed with the resolution 768P it doesn't seem to output in that mode!!


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Is there a video reset method on this player? It likely outputting a signal that none of your displays can recognise (i expect you know this already) and because of this you can't see any of the menus to change the setting back - hard or soft reset may be required. I'm sure someone will provide the keying sequence to do this.

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