Big Fish




Was a little apprehensive about this one (Not usually a fan of Tim Burton) but it's totally amazing.

If you're not welling up at the end then you mus be made of oak!


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I liked Sleepy Hollow, but I detested Nightmare before Christmas.

I find his films very hit and miss.


There is only one man who could do charlie and the choc factory, and thats burton, i can't wait for that to come out. I'll catch big fish weekend;)

Rambo John J

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watched it yesterday... wasn't a dry eye in the house.:eek:
we both thought it was excellent, couldn't quite hold back a tear or 2.

stunning film:smashin:


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I liked it alot.



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Saw this on DVD last light and simply loved it. I'm afraid i'm a sucker for quirky films instead of the usual dross we get served up. This is very close to Donnie Darko as my favourite film of the last 12months.

Visually stunning, wonderfull music - my only criticism is maybe Ewan Macgregor wasn't perfect for the part.

I'm annoyed I never saw this at the cinema though as it's the sort of film you get absorbed by the screen with and almost feel you're part of the periphery.

One final thing - I could have sworn the trailer in the UK for this film used a song very similiar to Salisbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, however it was nowhere to be heard in the film nor on the DVD trailers. Does anyone else remember this or have I got it confused with another film ?

Anyway if you want to switch off for 2hours this film will do the trick nicely.



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Loved this film, the in-laws hated it.

But then again they loved 'Paycheck' :rolleyes:


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Can't remember the paticular trailer but it's not unusual for trailers to have music on them from other films or play songs not in the film itself.The music from Last of the Mohichans has been on many trailers as is the music of James Horner, wether it be from Braveheart of Legends of the Fall.I watched Peter Pan recently and i distinctly remember the trailer had a U2 song on it but it was'nt in the film but the trailer did fit the song well, maybey the film did'nt.

Ta Very Much :hiya:

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