Biamp with a 3803?


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Mar 8, 2001
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Christchurch , New Zealand
Considering the 3803 as a mid step between an ax3 and ax5 pio (dont need ilink esp).

Doesnt look like it does it but any way to use those extra 2 channels with A/B speakers or multiroom stuff?

Seems a waste to me if I dont use them for rear effects.

Will be used 50/50 music movies with monitor audio silvers (s6i mains).
No you can't assign them to the front channels for biamping (unfortuately).
There's a way around it. This applies to the 3801/2/3 and A1SR (5803). Copied and pasted from this link.

"After some thought, Denon tech support gave me the info on how to accomplish the bi-amping task. Here is how to do it. Note this will only work if you don't plan on using the amps for surround back channels or multi zone 2 applications.

Bi-Amp Configuration of Main Channels

Step #1: Connect a pair of analog RCA cables from the preamp outs of the “Front” channels to an unused input of the AVR-5803 (In my case, I chose VDP).

Step #2: Select the chosen input as the source for Multi Zone 2.

Step #3: In the Multi Zone Control menu, select power amp assignment for “Multi Zone 2”.

Step #4: Using the internal test tones of the AVR-5803, position the SPL meter (slow response, C-weighted) at the listening position and increase the master volume control until each speaker reads about 75dB.

Step #5: Disconnect the speaker level connections from the “Front” channels at the AVR-5803 and reconnect them to the appropriate “Multi Zone 2” speaker level connections.

Step #6: Repeat Step#4 while varying the “Multi Zone 2” volume level. I found nearly unity gain correlation between the “Front” channel and “Multi Zone 2” amplifiers to be at the “Multi Zone 2” volume level setting of +2dB.

Step #7: Remove the jumpers on the back of the main speakers (you would be amazed at how many people forget to do this, Yikes!)

Step #8: Connect a set of wires from the “Front” channels of the receiver to the highs section of each of your front speakers and a set of wires from the “Multi Zone 2” channels of the receiver to the lows of your front speakers."
Or you can just use the two Surround Back channels to power a pair of speakers in another room (multizone). :)
Jase Thanks!

I assume you've tried it? If so which (hi or low) split did you use for the analog passthrough? Theres no A/D D/A delays or anything?

I'm used to mucking around with stuff like that and have a SPL meter ready so I'll give it a go.

Multiroom isnt much of a use to me because of the setup in the house.

Now may have to dem the AX3 and the 3803...
Originally posted by RobDickinson

I assume you've tried it?

Unfortunately not. My current Denon doesn't have the Power Amp Assignment feature and my speakers aren't bi-wire/amp-able or I'd have given it a go.

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