Biamp Q about A90 and P35.



Hi all arcamites,

I have a CD33, A90/P35 setup and twoway speakers PMC GB1,
which amp shall i use for highs and which one for mids/bass ?

Btw I changed fuses yesterday in my A90, i recommend this tweak

I also wondering how much improvment i should gain if upgrading to a A32 ?


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The usual setup is the power amp for bass, and the intergrated for mid-range/treble. However, if you have speaker cables with banana plugs, give them a go both ways. I've played both ways, and have it as I described for the L&R front channels, but the other way for my centre channel, having the power control the mid-range/treble. It's really down to the accoustics of your room, and your own ears :D

As for the A32, not sure, never tried, are you able to get one for home demo to try it out yourself?

By the way, I have AVR300 with P90/3 combo driving my B&W 600 series speakers.




Thanks Andy !
Shall try the other way changing the bananas at the speakerinputs !

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