Bi-wiring xt-400 ??


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I've currently got some SIlver Anniveray bi-wire to my GS10's at present but am thinking of upgrading.

I know there are thoughts are what bi-wiring actually does or doesn't do but I certainly think it has merits on these particular speakers.

Anyhow - if I upgrade tp say XT-300/350 or indeed XT-400 QED cable then is it really practicle to bi-wire?
Apart from the difficulties of trying to get Airlocs around two of these cables is there really any benefit when you get this far up the range?



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good question, i'm in a similar situation myself, i also have silver ani. bi wire for my fronts and use XT400 for the centre speaker, was thinking getting them all connected via genesis silver spiral bi-wire but at £54 per meter it's a bit steep:(


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Rather than upgrading the speaker cables, why not spend the money on a second amp, and bi-amp your fronts with the existing cable?
I'd expect a bigger improvement in sound quality from doing this.


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Lol I'm doing that too. I think this is partly the reason for this question cropping up as I was thinking that the SIlver anni may not do the new amp justice (Muscial Fidelity A3.5 to run the fronts)

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