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Jul 16, 2002
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After reading the top ten tips to upgrade your system in What Hi-fi sound and vision I've decided to have a go at bi-wiring my B&W 602's. I always thought that you needed special bi-wire speaker cable, but according to the mag you can just use two sets of normal cable. As my cable is much longer than I actually need I am thinking of just cutting it in half.

The binding posts on the back of my sony amp only let you poke the speaker cable through a small slot before you screw it down, so I'll have to try to stuff two sets of the cable down there.

Does anyone know if there is anything dodgey about doing this or if there is anything that I need to be careful of ?

As long as you are careful with the wire ends/strands (ie watch out for stray ones), and two pieces of cable will actually fit, then it should be fine.

Whether you'll notice any benefits/improvements is another matter though. Depends how long your original cables are, what type of cable it is, etc.

Still, if you already have the stuff, then it costs nothing to try it, so at least you won't be wasting any money if you find there is no discernible difference. If you do, then consider it a "free" upgrade :)

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