Bi-wiring with HF's out of phase?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by ~Kev H~, Sep 6, 2004.

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    Back home from University for a month.. and after a week or so without music my mother finally conceded and has allowed my stereo to be set up in the lounge. (B&W 604's and an SVS 20-39 would look, and probably sound, a bit silly in my tiny little room here at home).

    Anyway, one of the 604's had to be dis-connected and moved for new carpet to be laid and on re-connecting it I reallised I've been listening to it with the Left and Right high frequencies out of phase.. I corrected it and sat down to enjoy as usual hoping it would sound even better now, but to me it sounded worse! :eek: I checked again and everything was wired correctly now, but it just didnt sound as nice as it had before so I went back to having the HF out of phase and liked what i heard! It seems to me, to give a more eveloping sound, a bigger sound.

    The LF's are still in phase so you dont lose any bass "clout" from the speakers, the only change is obviously to the way the high frequencies sound.

    Does anyone else have their speakers set up like this? / Has anyone else experimented with it? I know in the back of my head that it is "technically" wrong to have them like this but if it sounds better... It sounds better! :smashin:

    It also got me thinking about loudspeakers that are known to have a good "soundstage", a manufacturer knows that its speakers will be bought in pairs at least (excluding centres obviously) so I was wondering whether they maybe just make one of the pairs of speakers have the mid/high frequency drive units wired out of phase to the other of the pair? maybe?

    - Kev

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