Bi-wiring triwirable speakers?


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Having just taken delivery of my very nice new MA GR60s:D , I see that they are triwirable:eek: . I already have biwire inplace from my previous configuration, and having checked both the manual and the speaker inputs themselves, I wondered if anyone can advise me of whether there is an optimum congiration for which two of the three inputs to use please? I can use trial and error, but thought I would check with you good knowledgeable people first. Thanks....:)


Juniper - I do not think it will make much difference TBH unless you will be triamping the speakers, so Top position and bottom would be my choice for placeing the cables on the terminals...

Nice speakers by the way...:)


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Hi Juniper,
If you are Bi wiring then it will make no difference which binding posts you use. It may be worthwhile replacing which ever connector you are still using with some good quality speaker wire.


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Knightshade is right about removing the metal jumpers, but IMHO make sure the treble unit gets its own feed. It's the driver responsible for the most detail and having less links between it and the amp can only be good.



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Thanks all for your quick and helpful responses. Am going for the 'top and bottom' route then, and will start running them in this evening. They do look rather nice I must admit, especially with the GRLCR in between them and GR10s at the back:D


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oh i do hate

i want them i want them i want them!!

hope they run in well for ya tho dude, you a man with a good ear ;-)

report back once they had a 100 hours to let us know your opinions!!

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