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Bi Wiring and Subwoofer Problems...Help needed!!


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I recently bought a Wharfedale PowerCube subwoofer to add to a Sony STR DH810 Av reciever and a pair of Wharefdale Diamond speakers.
I plugged the subwoofer into the reciever using a RCA cable... turned it on, then nothing! no sound no bass no nothing came out of the Sub!
I've been trying to sort this out for a while but a thought occured to me: Does the sub not produce any sound because my speakers are bi-wired to the reciever?

The sub works fine, it makes a sound if I touch my finger on the cable when its not plugged in. Can anyone help me sort this out? Could it be a problem with the settings on the reciever?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Have you rerun the auto setup? Have you told the receiver that the sub is connected?
Biwiring the fronts will have no impact on the sub not working?
What source did you use to test the sub? Was it a proper 5.1 source? What is the gain and crossover on the back of the sub set too?


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Hi, thanks for your response.
I am not 100% sure that the reciever knows the sub is connected... Does anyone know how to do this for a Sony str dh810? The input is a cable from my laptop.


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I forgot to add, the sub is connected via the 1/lfe socket at the back of my reiciever and sub with an RCA cable.


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Have you run the auto setup after you connected the sub? Did the test tone work? To turn the sub on in the receiver you need to go into the menu system. On the speakers somewhere you would need to select the sub as on or something similar (your manual will tell you how).


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To be honest, biwiring offers little benefit, if that. See the money spent on a biwire could buy a two times better single-wire cable. Biwire cables cost more for extra wire so the quality of the strand is lower since a cheap wire is less expensive per meter. Whereas a single uses less wire a single-wire can be higher quality.

But, if you notice better sound with a biwire it's worth it.

P.S Manufactures often find a single wire to sound the best.
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