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Bi wire


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Hello, need bit of advice please on bi wiring,
I have tannoy xt6f speakers and Yamaha rn803d receiver , bi wired into amp using 4 plugs each end, using up A and B speaker inputs , do I need to change the impedance on amp?
I am new to this , bear with me please !
Many Thanks


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Nope, it makes no difference to the impedance. The impedance of the drivers is the same whether combined on 2 wires or split across 4.

It probably won't make any difference to the sound either, as the effect of speaker cable is absolutely minimal. You really need to bi-amp to show improvements, as the theory is that by separating the drivers onto individual amplifier channels they won't interact with each other. This is not possible with your amplifier, which only has 2 channels.


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Am I reading you correctly?. The usual function of A and B terminals is to have speakers in two separate rooms . And switching from A to B allows the destination of the music to change. There are likely thre switch positions A,B and A+B . Only if you are in the A+B position will you have both treble and bass.

Biwiring is near myth where it is assumption that the current flowing into a bass speaker will in some obscure fashion affect the current into a tweeter. One can construct physical scenarios where that might be true, but few are as convincing as just paralleled wiring to both speaker. We do know that the lower the resistance of the wire, the better. So advice would be to double the connections in the wire and join the tweeter to the bass driver driver at the speaker end.
Bi amping is an altogether more sophisticated arrangement, there there are no filters or crossover networks in the speaker and the amplifier has completely separate channels for the low and high frequency drivers in the speaker cabinet.

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