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bi wire


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what is a good cable to use on my bi wire system is this any good ?
BLACK RHODIUM - JIVE Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

linn k400


or chord odyssey

linn majik rega planet
linn katan
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You might have more luck on the interconnects /cables section.

without getting into the 50p/£500 makes/doesnt make a difference debate.

Do you wanna make it brighter or smoother to your ears? Or are you happy? if your happy then dont spend anything.

Why not try a second set of lengths of what your already using.


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Erm that might have helped. I know don't want
to kick anything off.
My cable is old mismatched that's why
I want to change,just not sure which direction
to take. I did find a place on line who seemed reaonbly
priced but were out of stock and I couldn't
find it anywhere else belden I think.


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Sorry, its one of those debates which generally deteriotes on here which is why you might find more resonable disscussion on the interconnect/cables section of the forum.

If its not a massive finacial burden do try a set of 50p/m speakers cables. for instance Gale 189 from richersounds or £2 vandamm blue, try Mark Grant who is an a respected advertiser/member on here.

I like upgraded cables. I have found a difference with interconnects and personally use van den hul teatrack on my main system which was a bit bright and i found it helped a little. I never buy new though and would never have spent £33/m on it!. My second system has 7m runs and is treated to gale 189. That sounds just fine to me and i'm not willing to upgrade to a better quality when i need 14m. its just wouldnt be that much better.

Sorry if i was a bit vague last time. All i'm trying to say is that expensive cables arent necessary for everyone....it usually depends how hard £50/80/500 hits your own wallet.

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