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Bi Wire 606 Rear Connector Design!!


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God what idiot designed those connectors? so close together and the 'angle of entry' for each being at 2 o'clock instead of 12 o'clock doesn't help!

Trying to stuff two wires into each round connector ( and my wire isnt even the large quality cable type) is virtually impossible.

You would a think a bit more thought and design could have gone into it for those wishing to bi-wire!! :mad:


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Are you not using banana connectors. The little cover in the middle of the connector should come off and then just plug the banana's in.


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Oh!....ummm don't I feel an idiot...I tried pushing in the bananas first but they didn't seem to fit into the hole, didnt realise you needed to take off the inner casing, yes all seems well now.

Oh well we all make mistakes said the Dalek falling off the dustbin.



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use a screw. screw it in slightly, then pull the plug out. its a piece of cake.


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I found that using a philips screw driver of the just the right size that would insert snugly and remove it at a slight angle to pop the plugs out.

before I worked that out I had very sore fingers trying to prize them out with a small screwdriver and kept jabbing my thumb.

At the time I was cursing how bad they were to remove.
Apparently my dealer told me to remove them as they had been added by onkyo as somebody had apparently attempted to insert a euro two pin mains plug into them.
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Probably a really dumb question, but how do you put the banana plugs into the sockets?

I've taken the plugs out.

Now I have tried unscrewing the red/black sockets and holding the banana plugs in while tightening the socket. I have also tried putting the banana plug in with the socket loose and tight, but it doesn't seem like a good fit...
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