bi/bridged decision


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Firstly the kit.

rsp1066 processor
rmb1975 5channel power amp
rb980bx power amp x2

harmam/kardon dvd 25

paradgim servo15

mission m3ds/m7ds rears

kef q7 fronts and q9c center

The question.

I have recently bought the two rb980 power amps with the intention of taking my 5.1 up to 7.1 (hence the m3ds ).
It seems i have 3 basic choices now.

1. use the two rb980's on my front two speakers in a biamp setup

2. use the rb980's on my front two speakers in a bridged setup

3. use the rb980's to drive the four surrounds and use the rmb1075 in a biamp setup to run the front pair and centre.

My mind keeps going with set up 3 as it will keep any tonal differences at the rears where it will be less noticed.
But options 1 and 2 my benefit by the seperate power supplies.

Any one here have any experiance with this type of kit or this way of doing things?

All ideas and comments will be well recieved.


Nic Rhodes

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Biamp not bridge, the KEFs are not the easiest load and bridging might not be the most appropriate here though it will 'work', I would think about the better amp on the F and C, 1075?


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Thanks for comfirming what i was leaning toward.
Ive just hope i can 12v switching working on all 3 amps now :)

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