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Finally got hold of another Roksan KMA2/3 Stereo Power Amp.
So have Kef Ref 203's which can be Bi-amped (or Tri-amped.)

Not sure which way to go.

use 1x Amp for Right and the 1x for Left which is my preferred option or go stereo L&R feed into both amps using both Right channels for Right and both Left channels for left. I suspect the first option would be better as less power supply strain (power swing)?

Second biggie is inputs, as amps do not have a phono pass through, do I just use a phono splitter cables?


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There is a third option which is more often used when bi-amping, feed the lower frequencies with one amp and the higher (if you have a mid frequency input then you can then tri-amp this way).

This method should provide a bit more resilience to slight differences in the amps (either volume and/or tone due to batch/age/(ab)usage etc.). If you use one per speaker then you may have to use the pre-amp to balance them and live with any slight differences in tone.

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I prefer your preferred option i.e. using them as monoblocks (one amp per side).
for one you could use longer interconnects and shorter speaker cables which is always beneficial.
Also there would be less strain on each amp (and the PSU) .
Apart from a little power increase, and a tiny punchier sound, I am gonna hazard a guess that you will find your system pretty much the same.
Bi amping is not value for money!
For my money, I would open up the amp, and replace the two big capacitors, with best quality, largest capacity ( same voltage) caps that I can afford and fit inside the box, bypassed with two 1uF plastic caps each.
You know what they say:
We are always listening to the power supply, modulated by music!
I remember in the olden days, there was a Meridian stereo power amp called 103 - which wasn't bad at all, but you could buy a second PSU and run it in twin PSU (one per channel ) designated 103D.
103D was one of the best amps Meridian ever produced back in late 70's early 80's.
Good luck never the same.
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