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Bi-Amping with Arcam+B&W


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I have an AVR100 and B&W 603 s2 speakers. I have the option to buy a p85 power amp which I would use for bi-amping the speakers, taking care of the low range whilst the receiver deals with the upper and mid ranges.

I am interested to know whether this would make a noticeable improvement to this stereo setup. I listen to mainly electronic music - ambient, dubstep, experimental, progressive, IDM, drum and bass, tech house - that kind of thing.

Many thanks in advance.


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I have a trad setup with an A85 and I've just added a P90 last weekend. I was a bit worried about how much difference it would make, but I must say it has totally transformed the sound quality. I have the P90 feeding the HF on Epos M12i's instead of the LF as recommended by Arcam. It brings a lot more detail to the music, the bass is tighter and the soundstage is much improved, overall I would say it sounds more controlled.

Hope this is of use, I would advise you to give it a go. It will sell on here no problem, there always seems to be wanted posts for them.



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The usual advice with biamping is to use identical power amplification. At the very least, the two amps's sound should be very similar.

I feel that the difference between the A85 (/P85) and AVR100 is too great for successful biamping, and would suggest just using the A85 instead of the AVR100's internal amps. I'd also suggest that you want the /3 model so as to get consistent power amplification across all three front speakers. Of course, once you have the amp, nothing stops you from trying both options and hence making up your own mind.


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I have an Arcam A90 (HF) and P90(LF) bi amping B&W DM604 s3 with QED silver spiral genesis biwire (what a mouthful). Yes it made a large improvement to the system. While I found it better, I still found bass to lack confidence, so I bought a huge subwoofer.

Then I bought an Arcam FMJ CD37 instead of the 73 that I had before. ASTONISHING difference. Turned off the sub and heard things my speakers had never done before. I sold the sub because it was really not necessary any more.

So while I think it will improve and was a necessary step, I'm finding the most miraculous improvement to be the CD37. Normal CD I'm talking about. SACD was an amazing revelation too but that's not something to be concerned with, with your genres of music.

Not sure about the effect of bi-amping with two different amps..... I'd experiment in your case with HF and LF on different amps.

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