Bi-Amping My Linn Ninka's


I took delivery of an Arcam P80 today and have coupled it with my P75+ to bi-amp my Linn Ninka's. I have set everything up correctly I hope but have a few questions you may be able to help me with.
The P80 is rated at 65W and the P75+ at 50W so I have used the P80 to bi-amp the Bass and the P75+ the treble is this correct? I assumed it's better to use the higher rated for the bass but correct me if I'm wrong.
I do not fully understand what the function of the Link is on the back of the P80 should I keep it in situe or remove when Bi-amping?
I have changed the Linn Ninka's crossover cards on the back of each speaker to active bi-amping ones and noticed that you had to reverse the polarity of the treble terminals but I'm unsure as to why. What has changing the cards to bi-amping physically done to the speakers internal workings and will there be a run in time whilst its using the new circuitry? (complete noob to this :blush: ).

sorry for these very basic questions but I'm sure someone will be able to enlighten me:)



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Whoa Hawklord, disconnect at once!

Turning the Ninka crossover plate is for ACTIV bi-amping, not plain old bi-amping if I recall.
Setting-up the activ plate position bypasses the crossovers in the speakers, on the assumption that the amps have the additional ACTIV crossiver cards installed in them. Without active crossovers before the amps, your tweeters will be getting full-range bass, which will destroy them very quickly.

I would have thought they would have sounded awful?

I think linn have the Ninka manual online if you don't have it.

I havwen't read the Ninka manual, but I'm sure they'll clearly state the setting for normal bi-wiring/bi-amping.



It appears that I have been running the speakers with the cards wrongly configured in the active mode instead of passive. The manual is clear as to how I should've connected it all but due to my over sight I may have fried my tweeters .:mad:
It's a bit late to have a proper listen but I'm pretty sure I probably haven't got away with it. I didn't have the volume up very high but I don't suppose that will matter as I left them on for a while while I was clearing up the mess I'd made. I didn't really pay much attention to how they sounded but it wasn't in such a way as to highlight the fact that I had them set up wrong.
Looks like an expensive mistake on my part any one know how much a new pair of tweeters will be for them:blush:

how stupid do I feel :(


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Sorry to hear about this mate. I hope you can get it sorted out. I don't suppose the drivers would be too expensive to replace?


Just spent the last hour or so having a good listen to see if I have done any damage to the Ninka's. I compared the left and right with my Trikan centre on each occasion and everything appears to be fine. I initially thought the tweeters sounded a bit tizzy when I tried late last night but I think that's more me having an anxiety attack than anything:blush:
Comparing them both to the centre has alayed my fears as they essentially sound the same and I couldn't even distinguish any subtle differences.
I'm presuming if I had damaged them that I'd be able to hear it immediatly but everything seems fine to my ear. Looks as though I got away with it this time (touch wood):)
Still feel a complete plonker though:blush:

Now I can get back to enjoying my music and put it all down as a lesson learnt (always read and understand the manual first:lesson: )


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I think they are the same units as in the last Keilidhs; SPKR 015/5, suggested selling price for these are £68.74 U.K. Sterling each, so not the most expensive thing to replace.

I'm glad yours are ok.

The user changeable crossover plates seem like a good idea, especially when Linn probably would make more money off replacement tweeters than they will dealers converting speakers internally to aktiv operation!



I've had my system up and running all day giving it a good work out with music and movies. I'm very sure that I fortunately didn't do any damage and the Ninka's sound better than I've ever heard them. :)
I was pleasently suprised that there is such a difference between bi-wiring and bi-amping. Bass and midrange seems to be more controlled, punchier, deeper and with better timing. Higher frequencies such as symbols seem clearer and more defined.
I notice that both the P80/A75+ have a second set off terminals for sp2 could I use these to tri-amp the Ninka's or would it overload the P80/a75+. I'm assuming the output would be the same as that through sp1.
Also do you know what the mono link is on the back of the P80 as I'm not too clear as to what the manual is saying? Do I leave it in situe or remove to bi-amp normally? it says remove it to use the p80 to drive a single speaker?



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just leave the plates on bi-wire passive - thats all you will need for bi-amping them. should you wish to aktivate, thats when you turn the plates to biamp/tri amp activ. great speakers though, should sound pretty good!

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