Bi-amping an AVR 1907

Ian Dudley

Established Member
I'm new to world of Denon having just picked up a second hand 1907 to replace my sadly dead Sony DB925.

I'm very happy so far, lovely sound quality and the setup and config is a dream compared to the old Sony.

As I only have 5.1 speakers and won't be getting a 7.1 setup (the extra speakers would need to hang from the ceiling of the Kitchen!), I'm thinking of Bi-amping as I won't need the back surround amps for anything else.

I have Mission 702e floorstanders, which have the twin terminals for this, all I need is a bit more speaker cable.

My question is whether it makes any difference which set of connections on the speaker goes to which speaker output on the amp?

i.e. Should the mid/treble be connected to the front terminals and the bass the surround rear, or vice versa?

I suspect it doesn't make any difference and that the auto-setup will workout what is what, but thought I'd check before I get wiring.


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