Been looking to buy a new av amp and have settled with the pioneer
vsx2014i. Looked at reviews for this amp and noticed in the home cinema choice review it says that it is bi-ampable. Looked around the internet to see what bi-ampable is and could find no information. Most of the information that I found assumed you already knew what bi-amping is and spoke mostly of the difference in the sound and what system is good or bad. The reason I am asking is that most people seem to agree that bi-amping had a definite improvement in sound quality whereas there was a mixed review over the bi-wiring argument. Could anyone tell me (in simple terms) what bi-amping is. I would be very grateful. Thanx :)


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How many terminals are there on the back of your speakers?

If only 2 then forget it. If 4 then you can biamp it. It separates the treble and bass. You use one stereo amp for treble and one for bass.

So, if you have the Pioneer and don't want 7.1 sound, you can have 5.1 and biamp your fronts using the stereo amp that was going to drive the back surrounds.

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