Bi-amp speakers or go 7.1??


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Would it be better to bi-amp my front speakers using the spare channels on my av amp, or, to use those channels as 7.1?? What do you gain going 7.1 over 5.1?? Also, am i right in thinking that there's not that much out there encoded in full 7.1??


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Whereas I can't really answer on the merits of the extra 2 channels in a 7.1 set up, I used the spares to bi amp my fronts...from a stereo perspective it's improved quality notably.:thumbsup:


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Hello Prize78,

If you are going to Bi-Amp your front speakers (left & right only?) you would need to make sure that all 3 front ch's (left,right & center) are getting the same power i.e. I use a dual 250mono amp for my front L/R speakers & 250mono for centre but 6months ago I used 2x 125mono amps for my center (bi-amp) & 1 of them broke. While it was sent away to get fixed I was only using 1x125mono amp & the two L/R front speakers drowened out the center ch, it was very noticable when watching TV, films etc but as McCraque says when playing, say, CD playback in stero you will get a big improvement.
If you can keep your front 3 ch's the same power surround speakers can be less.
Im unsure of your Amp/reciever for 7.1 decoding. If it has say THX EX (7.1 surround) it should always decode (but will be false) for that further 7.1 surround effect, abit like a 2ch recording & Dolby Pro-Logic makes the effect for the other speakers.

Cheers, Jonny :hiya:


i have gone bi-amped as well :)
for stero it is much better, bass is better with more pressence in the room and everything just seems cleaner/clearer!

and another way round 1259jonathan's problem of having the center drowned out is instead of buying different amps and making sure the front three are all the same etc...just turn up the center channel and turn down the front L and R a bit. example is mine at the mo is L+R are at about -1db and the center is about +0.5 to +1 db seems to work for me :)


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I have to disagree with deadringers.
Your Centre speaker or Centre stage plays approx 70% of movie soundtracks, it is the most important speaker when watching films etc
The first thing I done was to adjust the Db's on my system/speakers when my 2 main speakers were getting twice as much power, it still didnt sound right.
I have bi-amped & tri-amped all my speakers, & yes it is far better. I now use mono amps for each speaker but this is because I use chord signature speaker cable (expensive to tri-amp)
I strongly believe that all 3 front speakers should recieve the same power, when you get into a high end system, wrong lengths of cable & less power to certain speakers is very noticable & off putting.
But deadringers & ResidentDeagle are spot on if its bi-amping for stereo sound, just depends if you watch more films than playing CD's :confused:

Cheers, Jonny :suicide:


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Hello Josh

Yep I do agree with you that in most cases that would be the 2nd best option, to adjust Db's & sound levels etc :thumbsup:

Its only in the past 3 years Josh ive got most of the equipment I always wanted & to be honest most of it is 2nd hand or ex-display gear & im still not 100% happy! :suicide:

Best Regards, Jonny

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