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Hi, hope somebody may be able to help with this - haven't found anyone else with a similar problem though:

I'm trying to add a BGT3600 to a Sapphire Pure White E350 (an AMD APU with the A50M chipset). However, when installed, only the DVB-S/S2 dual tuner is recognised, and I am unable to assign the driver for the DVB-T/T2 dual tuner despite DVB-S working perfectly in Media Center. The system is running Windows 8.1 64-bit, and has the latest Bios and AMD Catalyst drivers installed.

Before the BGT3600 drivers are installed, Device Manager recognises 1 Multimedia controller (the DVBS tuner) and a PCI standard PCI to PCI bridge which throws up a Code 12 error (not enough/conflicting resources) - presumably the DVBT tuner. However, no conflicts are actually listed, and the troubleshooter for solving conflicts is not available. I have tried disabling onboard sound and Ethernet, but the Code 12 still shows; unfortunately I cannot disable onboard graphics because there is only 1 PCIe slot on this board. It doesn't have a lot of extra components, either - 4Gb RAM, 1 SATA HDD, 1 SATA DVD drive and a few USB peripherals.

When the card is installed in my gaming rig the 2 multimedia controller devices are available as normal, so presumably the hardware is not at fault. I'm thinking this is either a bug in the bios or in the PCI drivers for this chipset, but perhaps there is a way to manually resolve the conflict?

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