BG808 Sell or Repair & Sell ?


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Hi Guys,

I have a spare BG808 and now my BG808s is running nicely and i've used it for the development work of the HD145 lens fitting, its probably time to start looking at selling it.

While it has some wear on the blue and green (a large rectangular patern) in most set-ups it should be posible to work within this...Mine it wasn't as for the screen size the PJ would have been through the back i swapped it.

However, at one point it blew a "RGB Output +ABL" - 7621735, on the red for what thats worth. I know this as i swapped in one from a spare BG801s at the time and it ran fine (for 3 months). I sold the Bg801s and the RGB Output went with it.

So should i try and find a new RGB Output and fix it, or sell it as is....I have the old one, but i'm not really up to the electronics to fix it.

When it is for sale, it will go in the forums and be added to my sig, so no PMs please as i will NOT trade via them.


Mad Mr H

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Contact either Roland or Mr King, Im 99% sure Mr King has spares of these.

Thats a fairly cheap item so im sure its worth selling as a working PJ.

Depending on how much it stands you I would consider keeping it if it is the same as the one you have.

I feel that in 3 years time spares might be less easy to source, I know I might have one or two too many for spares but I do "Play" a lot with mine..........

I dont know much about the 808 series as most of my work has been with the 120x series, BUT I think you can swop to the 120Mhz neck cards and this removes the possible streaking effect I understand........

Next time you chat to me remind me as I think I have 3 left :thumbsup: .

MR MODERATOR - Try and push for a CRT for sale section as a sub section of the CRT section - That was always something I thought would be good but never asked about........


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Hi Mad,

The BG808s is enough different to the BG808 that its not really worth keeping. The S brings in Sony tubes, which have a different power supply and other bits....There is maybe 40%-60% in common, depending on if you count the box:rolleyes:

I'd like a spare dead/poor tubed BG808s if i could find one...that would be worth the spares, particularly as i still have a slight candle flicker on *DARK* scenes.


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