BFA connectors on back of P85 and banna plugs on A85-Normal?


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As above please, I forgot to ask this a while ago. I recently bought a P85 and it uses BFA plugs rather than bananna plugs like the A85 - A bit annoying as I had to re-terminate 4 end of my speaker cable for bi-amping. Just thought it was a bit of a silly design idea, having different connectors to the A85. Does anyone know if this is normal?



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It was Arcam policy to use the BFA sockets - this was the case of the Alpha series of products and the first generation of FMJ products. When the BFA connector didn't catch on they finally went for the 4mm banana sockets. If I remember correctly this decision was made while the DiVA products were in production. The only thing it shows is that the P85 is older than the A85.

The A90 and P90 I own both have 4mm sockets.

As we all know this is all down to the EU that decided that 4mm plugs were dangerous as you can plug them into a european mains socket.



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