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I have just set up a Paypal Account for funding the BF4 Server on PS4. Payments can be made through the following email address: [email protected]

Please give me your PSN ID when making a contribution. Thanks

I will update a list of contributors as donations are received. Thanks in advance to those that contribute to running the server. Would there be any chance that Mods could stickie this post at the top of the forum. Thanks.

There is no standard contribution people are free to contribute what they can afford and you do not have to contribute to play on the server. Although preference will be given to those who contribute in terms of VIP slots, admin rights etc.

Contributions received with thanks:

PaulieWalnuts27 £20.00 (used to fund the first months server rental)
Soundmangt4 £10.00
Meweavy £8.00
Mushii. £10.00
Shandy pants £10.00
Torranach. £10.00
Monkey Man £10.00
Razy60. £10.00
Sykotic. £10.00
Legend of Chaos £10.00
M. Collins aka? £20.00
Irkme. £10.00
Anonymous £20.00
Amardilo. £10.00
BigDvr6. £5.00
Pebb. £10.00
Nik73. £10.00
Johnny-Robert £10.00
Cosmic Rooster £10.00
Oh_pooh. £10.00
Dazwaldo. £10.00
Hayzee. £10.00
Adcook. £10.00
Doc Kronenbourg £20.00
Ninja Nemo £5.00
ZX65 £10.00
Pantano. £10.00

Total so far : £298.00

Expenditure- £69.95
+£220.00 to nominated charities

Have extended the server rental for another month. Wasn't willing to commit to a 3 month extension given the current problems we have been experiencing.

Please PM me if you have sent a donation and it isn't listed or isn't listed correctly.
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Ching ching! Payment sent. :thumbsup:


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10 sent, now i have to buy the premium pack:facepalm:

Dagger Six

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Another tenner in the pot. Thanks again for sorting this out Paulie (and putting up with my endless gibbering). Mo** Monkey Man :thumbsup:


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Another tenner in the pot. Thanks again for sorting this out Paulie (and putting up with my endless gibbering). Mo** Monkey Man :thumbsup:

The game wouldn't be as enjoyable without your endless gibbering mate! I've actually got a black belt in gibberish but you must be at least a first dan! :laugh:


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i hope we have all realised that we have just bought paulie's new weekend "getaway" pad


Deleted member 24354

£10 from me mate, domestic bliss not at its finest at the moment, should be on in next few days though.
M8 most of us have been there. Sort out your RL we are going nowhere. If you need to blow of some steam, either give us a shout or come and find us, we'll be waiting.

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