BF3 PS3 graphics poor


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@Chalky yeah but you'll be at a disadvantage to all the mouse nerds!

I could hold my own in fairness. Would rarely finish bottom and would normally be in the top half of all the games i played.

how do you manage it, seriously the analogue sticks are crap.

Fine for me, I enjoy the 360 pad, just mess with sensitivity etc to get the right feel.

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I'm exactly the same!! I hold my own with a 360 controller on my PC if I play online, although I play a lot of single player stuff where it isn't as critical.

Plus for me, gaming is about relaxing on the sofa (gaming HTPC hooked up to big telly). I sit on my Wideload backside at a desk at work and have no inclination to do that when I'm at home gaming :)

P Spredbury

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Have noticed that the graphics dont look as good can`t compare them to the PC but can with the Xbox as my boys have it on there Xbox but compared to my PS3 theres looks better dont know why very strange.


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I must admit to being a bit thick when it came to BF3; I saw the TV ads and was like this is awesome! Then I got a copy for the boy' on his Xbox and I felt completely let down by the graphics. It didn't occur to me at the time that what I was watching on YouTube was from a high end gaming PC, I got all excited inside and everything!


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You can install hi-res textures on the 360 version, they're already present on the PS3 version, but they do make a difference to the 360 version, when installed.


as said. the ps3 is very old tech and nowhere near as powerful as a gaming PC.

the xbox and ps3 comparisons are usually because devs are too lazy to code both platforms so 1 will always look worse as its fudged and not properly optimised (ps3 exclusives often look better than anything an xbox can do but they are a pig to code for).

pity bf3 isnt a great game. bf2142 was 100x better and not full of rocket noobs and snipers/campers.

teamwork has gone out the window. i havent played it in months. shame.

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