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Mar 6, 2003
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I recently reinstalled BF1942 and all I can say is what a difference a patch makes:eek:

I never really got into the game first time round,I could see the potential but the netcode just didnt seem up to the job.A few weeks ago I finally gave in after my brother raving about a mod that was out for it and reinstalled.

I have to say I was very surprised,not only at the quality of the Desert Combat mod but the improvement to BF1942 as well,everything seems more polished and runs far smoother:D apparently a lot of this was due to the last patch.I have to say Ive been playin DC more than BF1942 the last few feeks but they have both become great games.

Yesterday I installed Eve of Destruction,another free mod for BF1942 and played it solid for about 10 hours:zonked: this game is highly enjoyable and apparently, although its been out for a while has just undegone a major overhaul and has some of the best maps Ive played in a while.I suspect BF vietnam is gonna be very similar to this when it hits the shelves in a few weeks time.

Its a shame all games didnt get this sort of support from the devs and modders,most games released that long ago are either dead or on their last legs.I dont doubt a lot of BF1942s lifespan is due to DC much like Counter Strike did for Half life(on a slightly larger scale obviously;) )Im eagerly awaiting the release of HL2,not just for what will probably be the best game in years(ever?)but also the flood of mods which are going to follow it and in effect a whole pile of new free quality games!:smashin:

edit:I would have posted some links to the mods but the company firewall blocks access to gaming sites for some bizarre reason;)
if you like desert combat i sugest trying Secret Weapons Of World War 2 mod
i prefered that by a long shot
well yer it is but i dont take note of that :D
I like the Galactic Conquest mod for 1942. Still a bit basic and only the Hoth map but great fun.

I think the DCX 7.1 of Desert Combat is really great,try it.
Isnt that the realism mod for DC?Hmmmm,I die quick enough as it is thanks:suicide: and I certainly dont want those helicopters to be more difficult to fly:nono:

I think theres just been an updated version of another WW2 mod released,which is supposed to be very good,cant remember what its called though,think it had dawn in the title,lol(in work so cant check it :(

Only a couple of weeks till BF Vietnam is released now:smashin:
My brother (mr jason B) missed a few things so i'll fill you in.
the 7.1 DC patch does have a few realism fixes but its still a patch for game bugs and the like.
And the ww2 mod he's on about is forgotten hope
Its been out a while but a new version has just been released witch is supposed 2 be good.
You might also want 2 check out Galactic Conquest mod for bf1942, its a star wars mod, and it looks good 2 .
Its just been released 2day (see links).

Here's some links for the mods

Have fun bf vietnam will be out in less than a week

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