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I reveived my 11HT back from Sony (2nd attempt at a repair). I had the optical block replaced and looked forward to the disappearance of a stuch red pixel in the middle of the screen.

Pj returned and set up ... yep no red pixel but replaced by vivid green vertical bars all the way across the screen when set on ceiling front setting! Sony technical support have never heard of this problem.

I complained and requested a new pj. After a "quality control investigation", Sony responded with the following -

Dear Philip,

I am sorry to hear of the problems you have suffered with the repair of your
projector. It is unfortunate that the prism block failed so soon after we
cleared the original fault of dust on the prism and we are surprised that
you are still experiencing a problem after this latest repair.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer a swap out of this unit due to the
original sale having been made by Sony Germany. If you want to pursue this
further, you will need contact UK Internet Supplier (name witheld) and negotiate this with them and
Sony Germany directly.
We are happy to offer warranty repair locally in the UK under the European
warranty agreement. If you would like us to have another attempt at
effecting a repair on this projector then I will get our Helpdesk to arrange
collection from you.

It is unusual to experience the amount problems that you have, but we will
do our utmost to ensure an effective repair this time round.

yours sincerely

... have sent it back but prospective buyers should be aware of where their pj is coming from prior to purchase

A despondent Pip


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I know how you feel Pip. I just got my projector back from Epson after having a firmware upgrade. They said they would give it a cleanout while it was there and it's come back with a big red blob in the middle of the screen. Their idea of a cleanout has left it with more dirt in there than when they started :mad:



one day i will bore you with the sheer utter incompetence of their 3mth repair on my projector.


You may be getting a cheap projector off the internet which is most likely imported but is it worth the hassle when things go wrong. Not for me it wouldnt after reading about so many people's costly postage threads.


Originally posted by petrolhead
What happened to the European Union?? :mad:

What happened to the UK adopting the €uro?

"Keep our sterling but have all the other benefits of EU membership".

I don't think so.


Joking aside,

You are still covered by the full manufacturers warranty if purchased in the EU, but replacement is between you & the retailer.

If you buy something of "unmerchantable quality", you need to take this up with the retailer.

I was in this situation, but after enough "hassle" caused by me, the retailer replaced the unit.


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If you bought the goods by credit card then you may have redress under Consumer Credit Act - as credit providers they have a duty towards the goods being ok (or something like that!)I read on a thread re an early PTAE100 that someone successfully recovered the cost by giving their CC company a tinkle & claiming.


After three failed attempts to pick my PJ up ... it has eventually gone back to Sony

Hopefully third time lucky.

Maybe we should have a poll to see who holds the record for sending a pj back to the manufacturer for repair. I am now on 3.

Any offers on 4? :p


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