Beware of UPS for delivery


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Last week I sold a Rotel RMB 1095 5 channel amp. It was pretty large and weighed 40KG.
It was collected by UPS from my house last Friday and delivered on Tuesday. Except it wasn't delivered. Some scumbag opened the box, removed the amplifier and replaced it with water bottles. One of the bottles leaked so the buyer opened the box in front of the UPS driver and took pictures.
I am now having a terrible experience trying to recover the £900 sale price which I have refunded and the £75 postage charge.
Be very aware when sending expensive equipment and I recommend taking pictures before sending so have evidence.


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I have moved this from the classifieds as it is not a classifieds thread. Furthermore, I would refer you to rule 1:

must not submit libellous, insulting, antagonistic, racist, aggressive or otherwise abusive Content about any individual or company


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Let us know how you get on with UPS and what steps you took, that's shocking!

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To be fair, this could happen to any company that has a rogue employee.

I've used UPS many times without a problem.


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Did you use security tape and take photos??
I work for a courier and we have steps before we will pick up a package


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Sorry If I posted this in the wrong place, it was just meant as a warning to ensure people take full insurance. I took picture of the parcel before and the purchaser took pictures of what arrived. I am livid about this as we live ion a society where we should be able to trust others to do their jobs properly.


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Did you use security tape and take photos??
I work for a courier and we have steps before we will pick up a package

Something that we have to use when shipping products around the world that are very sensitive and require government approval.
Similar tape is available to the public and I would highly recommend using it if sending high value items.


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This isn't specific to UPS, all courier companies have their problems.

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Perhaps the OP could change the title of the Thread to reflect the fact that ANY courier company carries a risk of fraudulent behaviour by an employee?

So, don't name and shame UPS specifically, but point out what happened to them and what we can all do to protect ourselves?

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