Beware of screen probs on new 24" imacs


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Just a quick heads-up for anyone thinking of getting a new 24" and using it for serious/semi serious colour work - there are still problems with *some* models displaying uneven illumination across the screen ...

This is generally a brighter left hand third then a cooler right hand third with a 'dirty' yellow/grey patch in the middle - mine actually had a darker horizontal band about 1/3 way down and extending from right hand edge to left hand 1/3 ...

Took back my 5-day old one to AppleStore Glasgow and we opened another 2 that had variations on the general problem ... upshot is manager is going to escalate with Apple and see if they acknowledge issue - I have my 'v duff' one back to work on and will see what happens when I get back in a couple of weeks ...

Anyone else notice poor/uneven illumination ? - easy to check by setting background to solid light grey and then create a textedit window and move around screen ... you can also set a dark grey background and drop brightness down ...

Post any reports ... :-(


richard plumb

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the previous ones were fine as I understand? The one I have certainly doesn't seem to have any problems. Are they still S-IPS panels?


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My new 24" seems to have the opposite problem - the extreme left and right edges of the screen (1cm) do not seem quite as well lit as the rest.

I only noticed this the other night when using the iMac in the dark when a plain white screen came up. I assumed it was a fairly standard problem as a couple of the others I have now seen are the same.

It is not a real issue for me, but I guess it would be if you were doing serious editing work.

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