Beware of sales!


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I recentl purchased a few discs before xmas in the High St sales, (HMV and Virgin i think).

Amongst those I have had to turn off 3 discs as the picture and sound are so awful.

Leon (Big black bars)
Jacobs Ladder (really bad 5.1 mix, so tinny)
Glengarryglenross (4:3, pan and scan)

So if u see a few discs for about £3-£5 check the back and find out from other ppl if they are good transfers, just dont get excited like me and buy them straight off, 3 great films ruined.


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& if you read the back of GGGR you wou;d see that its AR was fullscreen.

But I kind of get what you are on about - just 'cos it's cheap doesn't make it a bargain


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And im the sort of person that usually does read the spec, just got carried away in the sales, still i can always stick on ebay and get back my money:devil:

Mr Cat

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yeah, the shop 'sanity' that was in durham (luckily, its closed now, as it was sh*te...) sold a lot of films that were only 2 channel sound! when the films had 5.1 etc...but a lot of people wouldn't have checked this tho...


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GGGR is £9.99 on R1 from Movietyme atm i think

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