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hey guys

im still in the process of researching and narrowing down to a final shortlist of speakers (this forum has been **invaluable**), i just wanted to run whats going through my head through with you guys.... see what you think

actually something else that may be useful are the dimensions of the room that this setup is going in - its basically a complete rectangle of a room - no alcoves, no slants, no nothing. its 15ft long and 9.5ft wide, and the roof is completely flat. The tv will be placed on the wall at one end of the room and ill be sitting 100% opposite it..

id personally rate the room as being of an average size, nothing too big, so just curious as to whether or not this system seems a bit overboard for such a room? and whether it would be worthwhile to invest in side speakers to get the 7.1 speaker set up complete (i know that dvd's arent being mixed in 7.1 yet, but im sure they will be?)

A/V receiver -
kindda have my mind up on the H/K AVR-5550, from reading numerous posts and opinions on it here, but will always appreciate 'the other side of the coin' if you will

Front speakers -
A (1) Monitor Audio S1's
(2) Monitor Audio SLCR centre

B (1)B&W 601's
(2)B&W LCR60 centre

this is far as ive gotten for the mo:) sorry if its not much to work with, but ive been concentrating on trying to get the front channels sorted before i move onto the rears (and possibly sides) and then sub.Total budget for amp speakers and sub has been revised to 2.5k

im sure that theres a load more makes to consider, so i await opinions/suggestion with open arms! also suggestions for the other channels would be great too

btw, the set up will be used almost 80% for movie and sky digital watching, so this is where my emphasis will be placed..

(sorry for long post)


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£2.5k will go quite a way to buying you some nice kit. The first thing to do is go to a local dealer and audition some av receiver and speaker combinations. Some makes/models complement one another better than others and you need to find the combination that sounds best to your ear.
I think you have got the right idea about getting your front set sorted first as this imo is where most of a hc setup speaker budget should go. I still have my old mission cheap surrounds and rear (see sig) and haven't replaced them as they are more than adequate in getting the job done (imo).
The usual suspects amp wise are Denon, pioneer, Yamaha, marantz, HK and possibly Arcam. I'd be looking to use about £800 - £1000 on the receiver and the balance on speakers/subwoofer.
The speakers I'd audition would be B&W, Proac, M&K, KEF, Linn, Dynaudio, MS to name a few.
There is no easy way to say which you'll prefer as different combinations of the above will give varying results you'll just have to identify the character you like.
I personally have had Mission M71 speaker package coupled with a yamaha ax620 which was a great budget system which was great with movies. My current system (see sig) developed from replacing the yamaha with the denon avr3802 and adding B&W 602 S3's and lrc60 centre and moving the mission centre to a rear centre channel (6.1). I finally replaced the B&W's with an all Linn front end. The yammaha and missions were a good match as was the denon and B&W's but my system has moved on to address the short comings of stereo performance hence the addition of an integrated amp and power amp.
I bought a cht-10 subwoofer a while ago for lfe duties which performs admirably. A sub is essential in a home cinema set up as it adds a lot of depth and gives an extra dimension to the whole hc experience.

I'd book yourself a slot asap and try to narrow your choices into a short list before you make your final choice. Don't forget to factor in good cables and interconnects. There is no point buying lots of expensive kit and using boot laces to connect it all up. Allow 10-15% of you budget for this.

enjoy your journey and welcome to an expensive but enjoyabe hobby:hiya:

sorry I prattled on a bit:blush:


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Just out of interest Hawklord, how come you don't use the B&W setup for your rears? Was it overkill? I eventually plan to move my front end to the back and buy new fronts. If, with a very nice setup as yours, you didn't notice the difference so much in your rears that could save me a bit of money :) I really think I'll try to buy a Cyrus amp to compliment my denon, then work on speakers and a CDP


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Because I live in a flat I haven't got very much room for stand mount rears so just kept my original M70 rears. I did move my original centre (the mission) to rear centre duties and sold the B&W's (fronts and centre) on to raise some money towards the Ninka's.
The missions are wall mounted on key hole mounts and fit very snuggly to the wall and have a small foot print (rear centre is the same) so ideal under the circumstances (my room is about 13ft x 17ft) . They aren't all that good (compared to the fronts) but still do a good job of moving the effects around the rear enveloping you with sound. Only when you put a multichannel sacd on do you notice their limitations (ie ok for movie effects but music is a problem) but I tend to only listen to music (sacd and cd) through my Ninka's anyhow. For the money (iirc about £220 for the mission surrounds and centre) they were a very good buy and I still haven't got around to replacing them so they can't be that bad and as you say they are not as important as the fronts (which is where most of my budget went).
If I was in your situation I'd purchase the best fronts you can afford (especially if your after good music repro too) and drive them with the av receiver of choice. I'd choose a receiver that was good at av over one thats ok at both movies and music if your intention is to add an integrated at a later date.
A good budget/mid integrated can nock spots of a lot of high end av kit with regard to music imo.
A good cdp is also essential as most dvdp's are not really up to the job (even some more expensive ones struggle) imo. When I finally settled for my Naim it was only because I couldn't stretch to the one I liked best which was the cyrus cd8 with psu (it was great but I didn't have a budget of £1350:eek: ).
I'm sure whatever you go for you'll be happy with.

Where are you situated by the way? If your just up the road your welcome to come and have a listen to my mid ranged system:D

good hunting:smashin:


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hi think i'd go along with your original suggestion of HK 5550. I have the 4500 and tho i don't use the front channels of internal amplification, the processing is extremely high quality, the Logic 7 and DTS Neo modes are absolutely great and the remote control is extremely flexible.

Given thats around £600 (try www.edge-sv.co.uk for HK stuff btw- I got mine there and they do some fab deals)
I'd go for Mordaunt Short 908 fronts- £500. Fantastic sound. As uncoloured as speakers get for half a ton and excellent dynamics and timing. Mordaunt Short 504 THX centre- £200, 506 dipole rears- £480 and 903 bipole rears- £180. I make that £1900. MS do an awesome sub- the 909 which retails at £500. I'm very impressed with it- we have it at work. The CPC woofer in combo with the 300W digital amp allows for very very detailed LOW sub bass even at very low volumes. Very musical for a sub too.

Not a lot of budget for cables but maybe a dealer can sort something out for you ;)

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