Bevel (is that the word?) Imperfections


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Jan 25, 2004
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There are a lot of imperfections in the bevel (plastic surround) of my new panasonic PW6. They look like dents (if it were metallic). I looked at the display model where I bought it and it had exactly the same imperfections. I haven't looked at any others.

Is this a problem with all the PW6's or has mine (and the shop's) come from a dodgy batch.

Would Panasonic come out and replace it. If the only choice was to have the display returned I think I'd just put up with the marks.

My PW6 bezel is the same.....the PW5 it replaces was perfect in that respect !!
JOhns Wifey here...

HMMMM.........yes...they are all the same!

No Panasonic wont change it, they dont think there is a problem.

Our pw5 was perfect in comparison..made in JAPAN.

Received my THIRD PW6 Friday, and thats the same!!!

Just have to live with it im afraid.....the pw6's all seem to be made in CHINA...dont know if this is the reason.

Ours is worse when you put a light on in the evening, just affect the top edge of the bezel so i suppose its just reflections.

Doesnt seem to affect the pwd6 because these are less reflective
as being darker....or is it because they are made in JAPAN!

The picture quality on our 3rd pw6 is awesome so i suppose this outweighs the 'dents'.

I am really fussy and thought it was just me and yes it is really annoying.


Would agree as mine has it too, though harder to see on the PWD6...
My pw5 the same , but only see them if you look at it from the side.Not noticable in normal conditions though
It's a new one on me. I've seen 87 PW6's so far, and failed to notice on any of them. I will be back to calibrate 2 tomorrow, I'll look at them more critically.
Mine looks really bad with the light on just above it. I think the PWD6's are just as bad although hardly noticeable due to the colour. I ran my finger along the top edge of one at AV-Sales the other day and it felt just as bumpy as mine.

Guess I'll have to live with it. Thanks for the replies.

Johns wifey here again..

Just to say that last week while i was in Costco at Lakeside, they have the Pioneer Plasma on display.

That looked really terrible, so not just the Pannys.

With the lighting above and looking slightly from the side, the whole front of it was as warped as hell!

Anyone in the area pop in and take a look, looked like one of them slides at a water park is the only way to describe it!

Wifey. ;)
It is the same on my PWD6, although only really visible in bright sunlight on the charcoal surround.

MAW - I am interested in having my screen professionally calibrated - could you let me know what is involved and roughly how much this might cost?
Gordon is the best man for this. He is ISF qualified I believe. [email protected] I think, but you can find him on the members directory and pm him. I just do what you could do yourself with the right software. Works though, much improvement from std settings. You could try it yourself, get digital video essentials from Amazon. A bit of care and think before you act, and if there's no improvement think about a pro job. BTW Gordon's banner is flashing above this thread now for me.

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