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    Hello all,

    I have serious doubts regarding the next projector I should buy.
    My view distance is about 3m and the desired screen size is 120".
    I have been reading that perhaps 3m is a little short hence I should look for a short throw.

    Checking some options I'm considering benq1080 and optoma 151x. Using the calculators in their webs I must place the Benq about 2m from the screen, so my doubt is if I place it 3m away, would I be able to get 120"? Is there a way to do it?
    Regarding the optoma, the calculator told me that the minimum distance should be 3.6m therefore I'm not sure if I can get 120" without loosing quality.

    Another concern is the rainbow effect in the DLP, not sure how it would affect us and, in the other side, the quality of the image. I've heard really good things from the Benq, but I'm still looking for alternatives.
    Is there any non-DLP short throw options out there? (sorry if the questions is obvious)

    Any other alternative or suggestion is more than welcome [​IMG]

    Thanks a lot

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