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Don't know if this is the right place to ask but here goes-

I'm looking to buy a tv for our static caravan, I want it to have built in HD freeview.

can anyone please reccomend a tv for me that has HD freeview built in and is between 26" and 32" (max) as I am having difficulties in googling for one. They all seem to be just freeview in the results and not HD Freeviw which is what I want.

Oh, max budget £350.00




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I recently bought this Panasonic as a bedroom set and am very pleased with it. It is slightly smaller than you specified, 24", but it has a Freeview HD tuner. The best price I found was £219 at Richer Sounds. Local dealers to me are still selling it at around £40 more. When I was shopping in the mega stores there seemed to be no understanding that it had an HD tuner.There is no indication on the packaging. It is also a conventional LCD (720p) screen, not LED illuminated. Because of this it is not 'ultra thin' so it has quite a nice audio performance.
Music, video and photos can be played on it by simply slotting in an SD card. Good little all rounder.
Panasonic VIERA TXL24C3 | 24 inch LCD TV HD Ready Freeview HD | Richer Sounds

If you want a full (1080p) model Richer Sounds have the next Panasonic model TXL24E3 at just short of £300. This would still leave your budget with money to spare for a blu-ray player. I've seen these sets side by side and with this size of screen there is little advantage having the 1080 version.
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You really haven't tried very hard... although the search doesn't directly find them very well, you do get linked to sites where 'built-in Freeview HD' or similar lines are found... which then link you to individual product

Examples include:
24 Inch with Built-in Freeview HD at JohnLewis.com
32 Inch with Built-in Freeview HD at JohnLewis.com
1080p 24 Inch with Built-in Freeview HD at JohnLewis.com
Sony 32 inch LCD TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview HD | Richer Sounds
LG 32 inch LED TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview HD | Richer Sounds

Currys and Comet have the option to select Freeview HD and screen size in their TV search filtering which should also give you some choice.

Personally, with the prices and free 5-yr warranty I'd be looking at John Lewis' offers first (Richer sounds charge 10% for their warranty).
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Thanks all for your input, I tried curry's/Comet but was specifically searching on 26" with HD Freeview and all that came up was with freeview not HD.
I'll check out your suggestions.

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