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Hello i want to buy 5,1 speakers. im between Monitor Audio Bronze 4,2,center and Acoustic energy Evo 3,1,center. My room is 20 m^2 and the speakers will be used for 80% DVDs and 205 music.
Please help me...
p.s. sorry for my english....


Sound quality - Monitor Audios
Finish quality - Acoustic Energy

They are both very good but the Acoustic energy look really good, the monitor audios look a bit cheap but out-perform the acoustic energys.


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just bought the AE today and really happy with them. listened to both and others before chose. Suggest you listen to both and decide what works well with the music you like.


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Thanks for the replies!!!
I noticed that the Monitor Audio Bronze 4 has 2 ports, one front and one rear. On its website it says that this allows greater placement flexibility in smaller rooms. Is this true? Does it have any negatives?


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I can recommend the AE's as my mate has a set and they're pretty awesome. The front floorstanders are both rear and front ported too. His room must be about 5m x 4m and they do sound good. I wouldn't mind some myself but my room is only 3.4m x 3.3m :(

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