Better than Onkyo R-N855? Marantz M-CR612


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Hey There!

Since a while I have an Onkyo R-N855 which I'm very happy with.. I don't understand why is not that popular keeping in mind the price/features performance.. but now I would like to move a bit forward to the future so I'm planning to make an upgrade soon.. but I'm lacking of options here.. my wishes are:

  • Screen to show information, metadata and/or song playing
  • Ideally it should have BluOS but as far as I know the only possibility of having a screen is a NAD C700 which is way out of my budget
  • Budget: around 700eur, if you guys suggest a great device that I'm overlooking closer to 1000eur I will consider it too

Purpose of the new system: just stereo listening with internet radio and connection to NAS (DLNA or SMB)

My ideal scenario would be a Bluesound node + compact stereo power amplifier (max 100w) to connect to my actual Dali Oberon 3's but the 100% dependency of smartphone in the Bluesound node it's taking me back a bit from that configuration..

So far the only most balanced option I found is a Marantz M-CR612 but even though it doesn't have BluOS, it has HEOS which a bit better than the Onkyo's software but not sure how much I will sacrifice sound quality moving from the Onkyo to the Marantz..

Any hint is welcome!


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I don’t know how large the listing room is, the sitting position. But there is no reason to have 100 watts. Oberon 3 is easy to drive.

There are many alternatives. Cambridge amplifiers around 600 euro. I believe it has receiver build in. AXR 100 I believe it is called.

Me personally would get an old fashioned amplifier with separate streamer.

Speaking of streamers there is new “Chromcast” on the marked. Wiimi it is called, but I am not certain if it supports all the features you need.

With this (Wiimi) then Denon PMA 800 NE is great choice. Or the Node streamer with the Denon.

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