Better than Arcam A65+/P75+, you say a?


Looked all over for some opinions on this, but struggling to find any direct comparisons or recommendations.

In terms of hifi, I've only ever had this Arcam A65+/P75+ bi-amped to Musical Technology Kestrel set up. I've had it for 15 years maybe, added a Beresford Bushmaster MkII when my CD transport died.

I've listened to others' similarly low budget setups on and off, but nothing seemed to match this. But similarly I've never really been able to A/B the Arcam sound against something else.

I've recently acquired a full Marantz setup as shown at a bargain price. I fancied seeing if the streamer would be an improvement on my RPi with Volumio and Beresford, and check out the amp.

The PM6003 seems more detailed and lively, with better bass presentation, though the Arcam delivers more punch with a bit less refinement. I'm wondering if the speakers are a poor match for the Marantz, whereas they are clearly a good match for the Arcams.

I'm interested in a change / upgrade, but something along the lines of £500 or less for each of a different amp / speakers, if required.

Opinions on the Arcam MT setup? Any thoughts of whether a swap for some MA Bronze /Silver or similar speakers would make a good upgrade when paired with the Marantz or some other speakers?

Or is the Arcam up there and would appreciate a better set of speakers to be an upgrade in itself?

Thanks for your opinions.


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I tell a lie, the speakers used to be driven by an Arcam Alpha 6 before I upgraded to the current amps...


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Hi Petefeet, there's a lot in your post, but to get it started, it sounds like you're using several digital sources. In that case, I'd focus on having a single high quality DAC, rather than purchasing streamers and other digital sources that each have their own DAC.

In regards to a streamer vs. Pi, in my experience, sources before a DAC make very little difference.

For me, speakers affect the sound of the system the most, and these are very much down to personal preference. I know it's not the ideal climate to be demoing speakers, but if you want to get it right, that's what needs to be done.



Thanks for the reply Matt

The Marantz is fairly old in streamer terms anyway, and so it's good to hear that my RPi isn't a reason to hang on to the NA7004. I can stick with the Beresford for now, that can be a separate upgrade later.

It would be good to sell the Marantz stuff to finance upgrading speakers as a first step then.

Any recommendations for speakers in my price range second hand that could hold their head up for a long time as I potentially change other bits?


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I tend to buy new so don't know too much about the second-hand market I'm afraid. If you're wanting speakers, I'd first decide what kind of qualities you're looking for, e.g. warmer or more analytical, relaxed or energetic. Once you've decided this, you can research which speaker brands emphasise more of these qualities.

For me, the Monitor Audios you mentioned previously tend to be fairly analytical. The bass, although fairly light overall, extends far down the frequency range. Mind you, this is one person's opinion...which is why demoing is essential, especially if you're intending on keeping them a while.


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