Better Subwoofer to go with Boston Acoustics XS Satellites?


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I currently have a 5.1 speaker setup consisting of 5 x JPW mini monitors (What Hi-Fi 5 Star circa 15+ years ago) and the JPW passive sub.

Although I do still enjoy how they sound, I've grown dissatisfied with how they look so want to replace them.

I had the opportunity to borrow a set of the Boston Acoustics XS 5.1 speakers (see here). I was skeptical at first, thinking they would sound nowhere near as good as my fuller sized bookshelf speakers, but having set them up I am fairly impressed with how they sound - especially considering how small they are.

The only issue I have is I find the sub to be a little 'boomy' which I don't like at all.

So I was wondering how the satellite speakers might sound coupled with a better/bigger sub?

The frequency response of the satellites starts at 150Hz so I'd have to be careful the sub will be OK with producing sound from this frequency.

A friend of mine has a Wharfedale SP250 which produces awesome bass. To people who have more experience of sub/sat combinations, would such a sub be OK with the BA satellites or is it likely to be a bad match since it is a very powerful sub?


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I would suggest looking at the BK Electronics range. The Gemini II would be a great upgrade from the BA sub. As long as the sub gets up to the lower frequency response of the satelites then you should be fine. If it is powerful you can always have it turned down so it integrates well.


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Are you keeping the BA's? or looking for something similar?

I only ask,as your question seems to be concentrating on a Subwoofer to support a set of speakers that you have not yet decided upon!

I would agree with PSM1's recommendation of the BK Subs to provide the lower reaches for the majority of speakers.However,if you are starting again,speakers and Sub, then THESE may fit the bill.

You also don't mention which Amp you are using.

Good luck,



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Thought I would chime in here as I'm having the same problem and the AV forum suggester bought this up - very handy!

I'm finding the sub boomy too - mainly with vocals when using the amp for normal TV - it's adding depth to the voice but it almost adds echo, i.e. it's slightly delayed. Is this my set up or the sub in general? I'm new to this so unsure.

I have an Onkyo 608 and the audyssey set up set the satellites to 150hz and i've set the crossover on the sub (literally on the sub) to 180hz which is as high as it will go, or should I match it to the 150hz of the satellites? This is the part I find most confusing. I have set the sub volume to about 9-10 o'clock just so I don't annoy downstairs too much (in a flat).

Any guidance would be appreciated.



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You are right to set the sub crossover to maximum. Your reciever is doing all the bass management so no need to match the crossover setting on the sub.

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